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We bring the Chinese classroom to you,
teachers included.

Live online Chinese enrichment and academic programs
that fit your school’s busy schedule and budget.

Preplingo focuses on Mandarin Chinese language learning. We introduce students to Mandarin Chinese with our tech-based learning platform. Preplingo provides students with a window to the world through Chinese language acquisition and cultural understanding.

We provide high quality, affordable, and engaging Mandarin Chinese classes for students from the Preschool to College level. We partner with schools to help them develop a Mandarin Chinese program in a fun, academically rigorous, sustainable, and cost-effective way.


Our Teaching Approach

Dual Instructor Class

Our dual instructor model has one primary instructor, who serves as the content expert and master teacher, teaching online and one classroom management teacher, assisting with the facilitation of instruction in the classroom. Students benefit from two teachers: a friendly and familiar face in their classroom while learning from their master teacher based in China.

Small Group Class

Our small group model uses technology to bring the classroom to the students. Each student utilizes a computer, laptop, or tablet to enter our small group online classroom. They can join the live class from anywhere - a school computer lab, home, cafe, or school bus. Student learn with their online teacher based in China.

Our Programs

After-school Programs

The quickest way to offer Mandarin Chinese classes to your students is through our after-school programs. Designed for all ages and for all levels, we customize your after-school program to meet the Chinese learning needs from your students, and parents. We will also help you set up the enrollment and payment system to streamline the process. Students will be exposed to authentic Chinese contexts and happily get lost in Mandarin Chinese language and culture.

Summer Camps

Add a Preplingo Summer Camp at your school this summer! Students will learn more about China, its language, and customs while having fun. All camps include Chinese language and culture instruction, fine arts, music and unique activities such as kung fu. We also offer classes for credit. Classes are co-taught by a live teacher in China. No previous Chinese language experience is required. Pack your bags and join us on a Chinese learning adventure!

Academic Programs

Thinking about adding your own Chinese academic program to your school? We design our curriculum to align the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages with the Common Core State Standards, and our teachers are all certified teaching Chinese as a Second Language instructors. Through our teaching platform, we can easily integrate our curriculum into your academic program and offer Chinese classes to your students. It's “plug and play!”

School Success

With Preplingo's support, we have incorporated more online activities into our Chinese classes. Students now have the opportunity to take live Chinese classes with professional bilingual teachers from China. With two instructors teaching them, the students are captivated with these live classes. From my observation, students are more engaged in Preplingo's dual-instructor classes. In addition, collaborating with Preplingo, we launched a new after-school Chinese program, which is our Chinese Club. In this club, students can spend more time learning the Chinese language and experiencing authentic Chinese culture. Preplingo teachers and staff have been very supportive throughout the entire process. They are flexible in scheduling and very easy to work with. Thanks to Preplingo, we now have a stronger Chinese language program on campus and more enrollment in the program as well!

Anita Fine, Head of Lower School

Admiral Farragut Academy, Florida

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