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Here at Preplingo, we are a team of passionate teachers, educators, content developers and engineers who believe learning Chinese should be accessible and fun for every student.
Our mission is to provide students with a window to the world through Chinese language instruction. As the most common world language, Chinese is ever-growing in relevancy but yet many students do not have access to quality Mandarin Chinese language instruction. It is our mission to see that students that are curious about the world can fuel this passion in a cost-effective and innovative way while having fun. Preplingo programs develop global leaders for the 21st century and beyond.

Our Team

Edd Zhou
Founder &
Coming from an engineering background, Edd found himself passionate about applying technology in education to make it accessible to everyone. After working for an engineering firm, he started creating and leading exchange programs at American International Education Development Council, he realized how technology can help bring students from all around the world together. In 2015, Edd co-founded an online learning platform, Xiliuji (sail west), where students who are interested in studying abroad can get answers and attend seminars hosted by international students. Edd was in charge of the product design and operations team. After returning to China in 2017, Edd founded Preplingo with the mission to teach students anywhere in the world the Chinese language, the most difficult but the most spoken language in the world - by 16% of the world’s entire population. Edd has stayed in the US for over 10 years, and he has a Master of Science degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology.
Dr. Kun Feng
Co-Founder &
Head of Academics
With her Ph.D. in Comparative Linguistics from Nankai University, Dr. Feng has over 10 years of teaching and 5 years of academic management experience. She has taught at American Middlebury Summer Chinese School, Nankai University, Tianjin Foreign Studies University, and University of Wisconsin Summer Program. Dr. Feng is in the founding team for researching, creating and implementing HKC, the Chinese verbal test. She is also the chief proctor for the HSK test, the official Chinese as a second language test. Dr. Feng co-wrote the New Mandarin Series textbook, and directed many research projects including Case Studies for Developing International Student Programs in Colleges and Universities, and Test Syllabus and Evaluation Standards of Foundation Courses for International Students in China (Culture and Language Practice).
Emily Lin
Project Manager &
Classroom Teacher
Emily has 9 years of work experience in the New Zealand tourism industry, which gave her in-depth insights in culture diversity. Through her 5-year career as a Training Manager, Emily has the passion to maintain and further develop Preplingo classroom teachers’ high-quality performance based on her first-hand classroom experience in the United States. Additionally, with over 5 years of experience operating national official accounts on social media, Emily is passionate about promoting Chinese culture and language to the world.
Ruilin Wang
Senior Teacher
Ruilin has a Masters degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages from Tianjin Normal University. She has taught at various Confucius Institute schools in Scotland, Thailand and Korea. After returning to China, Ruilin serves as an interviewer for selecting Chinese teachers for Confucius Institute. Having researched in second language acquisition and inter-culture communication, Ruilin teaches Chinese based on students’ actual needs and she is good at using flexible and various teaching approaches. Rulin published the research paper The Impact Chinese Chinese Characters Have on Korean Characters. After joining Preplingo, Ruilin is passionate to introduce her students to Chinese in her online classroom.
Lucas Wang
Senior Teacher
Lucas studied Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages and graduated from Tianjin Foreign Studies University. He is very experienced in teaching verbal Chinese and HSK test preparation courses. Lucas believes that using Chinese solely during class, and creating a fully immersive classroom is the best way to learn Chinese. He puts an emphasis on the approach of scenario studies where he uses real-life scenarios to engage students. Lucas loves playing soccer when he is not teaching Chinese.
Qing Yu
Senior Teacher
Qing is an accredited HSK test examiner and a certified International Chinese Teacher by Confucius Institute. After earning her Master’s Degree in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics from Tianjin Normal University, Qing taught at a Confucius Institute school in Scotland and the University of Wisconsin Chinese Program. Paying close attention to student development, Qing’s teaching methods are effective and productive. Qing published several research papers including The Application of Task-based Language Teaching Method in Primary Short-term Courses While Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.
Xinrui Cao
Xinrui has taught in the Confucius classroom at Mekelle University and the Confucius Institute for Vocational Education in Ethiopia. Her teaching style is friendly and humorous, and she can actively mobilize the classroom and engage students of all levels. Her specialty is teaching primary school oral Chinese Courses. Xinrui likes traditional Chinese painting, and is good at writing small seal script, one of oldest forms of Chinese calligraphy. In her spare time, Xirui also likes to research traditional Chinese clothing and jewelry.
Jing Xie
After earning her Master degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages from Heilongjiang University, Jing has taught at Karunasuksa School in Thailand, and Bongdong School in Korea. Jing lectures with a easy-going and humorous teaching style. Her class uses a lot of positive interactions between herself and students, and she likes to engage students as much as she can to learn the language together. For her spare time, Jing enjoys reading.
Hannan Jiang
Hannan is a certified examiner for HSK. Before joining Preplingo, he taught Chinese and also served as a trainee in School of International Education at Guangxi Normal University, and Chanthaburi Technical College in Thailand. He was also a university lecturer in Soon Chun Hyang University in South Korea. His teaching focus includes Chinese comprehensive classes, Chinese conversation classes and HSK preparatory classes. You can find Hannan on the basketball court during breaks. His favorite NBA team and all-time player are Houston Rockets and T-Mac, respectively.
Jun Zhou
Music Teacher
Jun is a member of Tianjin Musicians Association. He specializes in classical piano and piano improvisation. He has guided students to win numerous musical awards at all levels. In teaching vocal music, Jun studied pop music, music education, and the combination of Chinese and western music to utilize them in his teaching. In 2010 and 2011, Jun has consecutively won the Excellent Teacher Award during the Harmonious Chinese National Youth Piano competition. After joining Preplingo, Jun creates and teaches Chinese songs to students and helps them learn Chinese through song.
Huichao Liu
Martial Arts/Kong Fu Teacher
Huichao is a member of Tianjin Martial Arts Association. He started to practice Martial Arts since 2000, including Tai Chi and swordplay. He is a accredited referee for Chinese Kungfu, Sanda, and Taekwondo. Huichao has won silver medal at a martial arts national tournament in 2010. In 2016, he participated in a research project: Curriculum Design for Foreign Students Learning Chinese Martial Arts.

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